Do you want to buy a property in Greece? Do you want to invest in a European country which will offer you direct and easy access to all Europe? Do you want your investment to bring profit? If the answer to all the above questions is yes, then this article is of great interest to you.

If you consider buying a property in Greece, if you need easy access to Europe and want to make a profitable investment, then your decision is quite right. By buying a property with a value of at least 250,000 euro, you may not only acquire a very good property in Greece, but also the right of residence in the Country and of free movement to travel within all European Schengen Zone countries.

Property values in Greece are less than the property values in London or Paris. Therefore with the investment of a sum of 250,000 euro you may acquire a very good property in terms of location, capacity, quality of construction, while due to the ten-year economic crisis there are golden opportunities for buying properties in low prices. For instance, there are several people who want to sell a property to repay debts to the tax authority or to bank loans (which is another field that I have been dealing with success) and in this way you may find an opportunity for investment and negotiate buying a good property in a good price.

Tourism is the heavy industry of Greece and each year it goes even better and the tourist season especially in Athens, the capital of the country, lasts all year long. Buying one or more properties as an investment by using it or them as a tourist accommodation is a profitable investment and let us not forget that buying a property is always and at all times a solid and long-term investment. Besides, the prices of properties in Greece are increasing each year, therefore if you decide to sell your property afterwards, you will certainly make a profit.

Greece is a safe country with no dangers lying, while its economy is improving. Even in the coronavirus outbreak, we escaped almost without a scratch and managed to have a healthy and safe country. Imagine living in such an environment. For me it is my neighborhood, but it can be your neighborhood too or the place of your business.

Another benefit of buying a property of over 250,000 euro in Greece is that you can get a residence permit, which is called the golden visa program. This applies not only to the buyer, but also to his family members. You don’t have to reside to the Country, only if you wish to, and you can also travel to any European Schengen Zone country without any limitations.

A notarial act is required for buying a property. It is really important for you to have a legal control to ensure that the property is not burdened by pre- notice of mortgage or mortgage or confiscation and it must also be checked if the seller indeed owns the property. Due to the ten-year economic crisis many properties are somehow burdened and therefore you need an experienced and reliable lawyer who will responsibly perform the legal control of the property to the competent Land Register. It would be helpful to trust your lawyer and know her personally and she must be a reliable person that inspires trust because legal research is a very significant part in the property transactions process.

Then comes the administrative procedure of the application and you can get the residence permit (visa). This task must also be performed by your lawyer so that the procedure can be completed as soon as possible. This procedure is bureaucratic and requires proper organization and responsible handling. Any task to be performed requires responsibility, interest and attention.

I would be happy to answer any questions you might have. You may find my contact details on my professional site I would be glad to meet you in my beautiful sunny country.

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