In Paris, from 6 to 12 of February 2020, and as is the case every year, the mediation competition is organized by the International Commercial Centre.

Students from universities all over the world, from Brazil to India and from Norway to Kenya gather in Paris and compete in mediation simulations. Namely, they are given a problem, say a story, and mediation takes place in order to resolve it.

In the mediation process, students from universities participate as parties in conflict. There is a mediator and two judges of high level, experience and knowledge who attend the mediation process and rate the students depending on how they negotiate and how they act during the mediation process. In the end, the winner is the best team.

At this internationally leading event for the world of mediation, professional mediators from all over the world participate and have the opportunity to exchange opinions and points of view. Most mediations take place in the U.S. rather than in Europe.

The experience gained from such participation in this kind of events is significant and what is most important is that one acts and interacts along with other mediators who come from other countries, have different origins, different culture, but we can finally ascertain that the world is the same everywhere, legal affairs worldwide are commonplace and the reactions of people quite similar.

Anna Korsanou, from our office, had the chance to attend this event as an observer obtaining a great deal of knowledge. Training for mediation continues. We are getting better at mediation and in the end we have nothing to be jealous of from foreign mediators.

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