New Banking Mediation with the  Legal Counsel, Mrs. Anna Korsanou

Banking mediations continue with a growing interest from borrowers.

Another mediation was successfully completed with legal counsel Anna Korsanou representing a family of borrowers against Eurobank-Ergasias Bank.

The preparation of the mediation took several monthsso as the necessary documents to be gathered and the request of the borrowers to be processedby the Bank.

It should be noted that mediation is a flexible and consensual process and therefore neither party is obliged to follow it.

The borrower’s family, parents and son with one consumer and two home loans came to our office to settle their overdue debt.

Mrs. Anna Korsanou instructed them to follow the method of bank mediation as Eurobank is the only one that has set up a competent department.

Following the preparation of the mediation with continuous communication with the bank, the mediation was conducted in the presence of the parties, their lawyers and an accredited mediator.

Mediation is an opportunity for a gentle, civilized and tensions-free resolution of a dispute. Bank mediationsare getting more and more difficult as many loans have now been transferred.

The process was successfully completed after eight hours. One of the three loans had a debt reduction. The other two loans have not been written off, but there has been arrangement with specific installments of such amount, depending on the borrower’s financial ability so that the loan can be kept up to date.

The borrowers left smiling and pleased to say that they had for the first time the experience of a mediation which was positive for them.

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