Loan In Swiss Franc - Find a Solution with the Mediation

Loan In Swiss Franc – Find a Solution with the Mediation

Another successful bank mediation was completed a few days ago for a Swiss franc loan of 230,000 euros. The case was not at all simple when one considers the rejection of the lawsuit by the Supreme Court, which has led thousands of Swiss francs borrowers to frustration.

The borrowers were a couple from Voiotía Prefecture, a retired and civil servant with two adult children studying in different cities, meaning these people once maintained three homes, while they had raised debts at other Banks. The debt is currently 230,000 euros.

A payment order was indeed issued against them. They have been trying for at least one year to find a way to solve and settle their loan with the local Branch of the Bank, as they are residents of the city of Central Greece, without though any results.

They came to the office of the mediator, Mrs. Anna Korsanou, asking her to take over the mediation as they had heard about this process as a last-ditch attempt to find a solution.

It is worth noting that the lady-borrower was very upset during the appointment and almost panicked.

Mrs. Anna Korsanou did all the necessary things and led the couple to mediation by calling on Eurobank-Ergasias Bank to mediate as well.

This Bank is at present the only one to set up a dedicated mediation department composed of executives who are themselves accredited mediators. After two months of preparation, a mediation date was set in a specially designed mediation place.

The parties are required to be represented by a lawyer, the mediator Anna Korsanou and observers from both parties. The process is flexible and lasted 8 hours in conditions of total peace, communication and culture. The parties were divided into different rooms  and the mediator communicated the bilateral proposals to assist in the negotiation.

The borrowers were reluctant to write off their loan and eventually had to write off a very small amount. What they wanted was a viable tranche for them without having to pay in advance as requested by the local store.

A successful record was signed by all parties after eight hours; as it was agreed a viable tranche for borrowers with a near-zero interest rate i.e. their payments would reduce their capital to repay after 22 years.

Within a day a life problem was settled for the borrowers, who can now organize their financial life without panic and anxiety.

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