It is a fact that when a woman starts a family she believes that it will last forever and that she and her husband will grow old together. If there are children, she wishes to keep this family together in any way. She wants her children to have a family and a father. For a woman to reach the point of breaking her family and leave her children without a family means that she has exhausted all the options, she has fought with all her strength and has made all possible compromises. The question why a woman chooses a wrong partner is another story and requires extensive analysis. In this video we will practically explain what a woman needs in order to get out of an unhappy marriage.

All that I am about to say must be done before the divorce, before announcing to her husband that she wants a divorce and not afterwards. She has to be strong and ready to cope with the painful divorce process, especially if the other part, meaning her husband, doesn’t want to get a divorce.

1. She has to ask for psychological and legal support. An informative meeting with a qualified lawyer can explain to her all the legal procedures and rights, as well as the possible negative legal consequences of the divorce process. She can also be informed on the family mediation process which is the best way of resolving family differences provided that the other party agrees with this. In case a woman doesn’t have a lot of money, there are other options, such as free psychotherapy in public hospitals and free legal protection in cases of people with low income.

2. She has to try and become somewhat financially independent. She has to inform her parents and see if they can support her. If she is not working, she can try and find a part time job at least and get to know what it is like to work. This goes for women who have never worked. The most important thing is to make some savings, of course without letting the husband know about this, since he can later use it in the divorce process or in moving out of the family home.

3. She can start checking the prices for renting a house in the areas she considers moving if she doesn’t have a house of her own.

4. She has to change the web-banking passwords in her personal bank accounts, as well as her social media passwords so that her husband isn’t aware of them. Let’s not forget that most of the times not both of the parties want the divorce; the one wants to get a divorce and the other is forced to accept it. The rejection and anger that this causes may lead to bad or vengeful reactions.

5. She can discreetly remove valuable objects from the house, such as computers that may contain important work documents, photos or other valuables, such as jewelry if and only if, I specifically repeat it, they belong to her, meaning she has bought them herself.

6. For abused women without support or money, there are institutions, shelters and organizations available in all countries of the world with which she can come into contact beforehand.

I know cases of women who left after a big fight, with their child in their arms and in their pajamas, without having anything and they were literally left on the street, with no support or money. If they had followed the steps above, they would have been in a much better position.
I understand that everything is easy in theory and it is easy for someone to give advice. In practice however, the divorce process is extremely painful and stressful. Nonetheless, in cases of physical, verbal or psychological violence, divorce is the only solution for the dignity and healing of traumatic experiences. Besides, you have to be well to be able to raise your children who are your higher priority in life.

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