A new banking mediation has been successfully conducted, with the legal counsel of the borrowers, the lawyer and accredited mediator, Anna Korsanou. The case concerned two home loans amounting to a total of 70,000 Euros for a pair of borrowers. The pair from Thessaloniki had appealed to Katseli’s law and received a rejection decision as a result of deceit. In real terms, following the rejection, the borrowers found themselves losing many years in pending for trial and judgement of the court, no longer having any other alternative.

Anna Korsanou undertook the banking mediation. The preparation lasted three months with financial information exchange and request processing by the bank.

Eventually, the mediation was conducted in a special designated space in the presence of the parties, of the experienced accredited mediator of the parties, their lawyer, Anna Korsanou, who guided and supported them in the negotiation and of the bank’s representatives with their lawyer.

After 7 hours and proposal exchange and while at first there was quite a lot deviation in the proposals and opinions of the parties, an agreement was reached.

This agreement included monthly instalment fully compatible with the capacity of the borrowers for 15 years and 12% remission of capital debt. The borrowers were completely satisfied with the procedure and with the outcome of the mediation.

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