Another successful mediation with legal representative Anna Korsanou took place in Heraklion, Crete, with the participation of Eurobank Bank whose specialized staff came from Athens.

The loan that was negotiated was a 76,000 EUR home loan that the couple-borrowers had got this loan to buy their normal residence house.

The mediation was performed by a mediator based in Heraklion lasting 5 hours during which a record of success that included a low monthly installment and a part of the loan write off was signed, while the positive result is that the settlement is final without the need for renegotiation.

It should again be emphasized that bank mediation is a new way of regulating loans but each case is handled differently by the Bank and it is not certain that all mediations lead to loan write-offs.

However, as long as there are realistic expectations, there is a real inability of borrowers to repay and the negotiating mood, is almost certain to produce a positive result.

Mediation travels throughout Greece. Our office comes first in banking mediation.

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